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Costa Rica Relocation Blog

Learn how to relocate to Costa Rica

2.5% A Documentary About The Osa Peninsula

At Tribe Flip we’ll be keeping our eye out for this documentary about one of our favorite places in Costa Rica, The Osa Peninsula. The Osa Peninsula is located in teh southern pacific costa of Costa Rica and it is often visited by tourists with a thirst for adventuring through a land which is still […]

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Costa Rica Travel Video Inspiration

Bellow you’ll find a travel video shot by Christian Kermer on a trip to Costa Rica. The video is only about 3 minutes long but it does a wonderful job of caputuring the beauty and simplicity of Costa Rica. In the video comments section of the original video Christian cliams to have not spent much […]

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I’m Relocating to Costa Rica & How You Can Too

I’M RELOCATING TO COSTA RICA AND HOW YOU CAN TOO! In November of this year I’ll be relocating to Costa Rica. I’ll be blogging about my experience along the way. I’ve traveled a lot in the past and I’ve temporarily setup shop in many different places. The main difference this time is that I have […]

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Living Abroad: 10 Best Costa Rica Beaches

Living Abroad: 10 Best Costa Rica Beaches If you’re planning a long term trip down to Costa Rica you probably have a little bit of a water lover within you. Costa Rica offers many great features, but having such close access to the ocean from pretty much anywhere within the coutnry is a huge plus. You […]

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Costa Rica With Kids

How to Move to Costa Rica With Children

How to Move to Costa Rica With Children If you’re thinking about moving to Costa Rica with your kids we have good news for you… and more good news for you. Moving to Costa Rica with children is totally possible to do and it’s one of the best places on earth to live with your […]

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